HOLY GRAIL – @MigoJobs

My house lowkey legendary. Last thing you wanna see is your girl on IG on a yoga mat with 100 likes. Apple Pie moonshine and hookah for the jawns the new wave. HBK still Old Man Nowlin every chance he get. Thighs and DVR this summer. Respect my rants. Last time I got heated Holli…


Every Day Is A Struggle [Pt. 1] – By: @H2daIZZZO

I have started this story countless times. A page deep and I lose it, every single time. I also never know where to start. Did it start with the violence and neglect I experienced so young? Did it start when I met my ex back in 2006? Maybe I should start with the weekend getaway…


#WOHFL 9.17.13 ‘Demographics Pt.1′

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