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It Could Be So Simple – By: @ican_only_be_me


Dating once used to be so simple. I can remember a time where a guy sent you a neatly folded note that asked you whether you liked him or not. A yes, no, and sometimes a maybe were your only 3 options. What happened to that simplicity? When did “it’s complicated” become a relationship status? My viewpoint…either you’re together or you’re not. Now-a-days, there are so many phases of dating that are so easy to become lost in. You don’t want to give too much too soon, but you don’t want a person to think you’re not interested. You don’t want the title, but you want to do everything that comes along with it. When did dating become so damn difficult?

I remember the typical questions I used to ask a prospect being: how old are you?; what do you do?: where do you live? These days…a full-fledged background check has to be done on people. “Do you have kids? How many? How many baby moms do you have? Do you work? Do you have an active bank account? Do you have benefits…health care, etc? Who do you live with? How many baby moms do you have? (yup…I put that twice). What are your career goals? Do you believe in marriage? How do you feel about cheating? Do you want to have kids? How did your last relationship end? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I’m getting a headache just thinking about it. Why do we have to go through all of this just to make sure that someone is who they say they are?


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TALK THAT TALK – BY: @ican_only_be_me

Ever try to have a conversation with someone and feel like you’d be better off talking to a brick wall?!….no, just me?! Cool.

Communication. We all know what it is, but how many of us know how to do it?!….and effectively?!

Not only in past relationships, but in friendships as well, I’ve found myself lacking effective communication skills. I am an over-thinker. I think…A LOT, but ask me to communicate my thoughts into words and a blank stare is probably what you’ll end up with.



Strangers Again – @ican_only_be_me

Quite some time ago, @Courgasm shared this video with me and I swear, it was nothing more than the truth. I felt it necessary to share, as it could honestly be the key difference in making a relationship work…or just calling it quits. I encourage everyone to watch, take notes and enjoy :-)


Stage 1: Strangers
How most of us begin.

Stage 2: The Chase
The “getting to know you” phase. You have found something in this person that you deem worthy of investing some time and energy into. This is always the fun part. We all like a chase and this is what sparks it all and keeps things interesting.

Stage 3:The Honeymoon
The “you hang up. No, you hang up” phase. The phase where you’re both floating on cloud 9. Their phone calls and texts never go unanswered, and you spend every ounce of time together that you possibly can. Sucks that this phase typically comes to an end after a few months or so.



Support These – @Ican_only_be_me


I can recall an early soft Saturday morning, where I was simply minding some business of mine on the entertaining streets of twitter, when a tweet came across my timeline that I made the mistake of replying to. I believe the question was something like how much should a parent have to pay in child support monthly. Jokingly…and I repeat jokingly…I replied 75% of one’s income. The moment I pressed send, an all-out battle of virtual anger and technological verbal abuse ensued. Many of you can probably recall this account, as many of my Columbus followers were ready to bomb this Atlanta native who apparently looked as though he may have still been holding on tightly to his collection of Girbaud jeans and high-top forces, but that’s neither here nor there.



Help Me Help You Help Yourself – @Ican_only_be_me

Sooooo, instead of bashing my generation like I usually do, I’m going to rant about something else that grinds my freaking gears….the government and the NON-assistance it provides. I can’t for the life of me understand why a single parent who goes to work EVERY day, 40 hours a week is denied access to additional assistance to make ends meet, all the while, Shyshonda with 3 kids and no job, has access to free healthcare, $2,503 in food stamps each month, and free childcare 9 days a week from open to close for her to attend one class a year at Everest -_____-

Am I bitter?! Yes. Absolutely.




Familiar Potential – By: @ican_only_be_me

“Falling in love with potential will get your feelings hurt each and every time”…—me

I tweeted something along these lines quite some time ago, not realizing how true and relevant it was. More often than not, many of us fall for the person that we imagine someone to be. Too many times, you see more potential in someone than they see in themselves, and you allow yourself to catch feelings for the person that you wished that they’d become. You stick around, waiting for the day that the characteristics that you see buried deep inside of them, finally break through that shell and the gates of Heaven open up, while a ray of sunshine beams down and you think “THANK GOD. FINALLY”. Or maybe that’s just me….



Live For Today. Plan for Tomorrow – By: @ican_only_be_me

Let twitter tell it, everyone’s life is perfect, no one struggles, and everyone is made of money. Apparently, people everywhere wake up and piss excellence and have not a care in the world beyond, ‘what am I going to wear today’. While I do love my peers, I swear I have developed a certain disdain for them as well. People have become so wrapped up in the whole #YOLO wave and living for the day, that they fail to ever really consider planning for tomorrow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I get it. Tomorrow’s not promised, blah blah blah…but at some point in life, you have to live as though it is. Rarely do I hear anyone my age speak of retirement plans, 401Ks, and health benefit packages. I don’t hear many thoughts about plans to own a home, improve credit scores, or set foundations to build a family on.



You vs. Them – By: @ican_only_be_me

It’s crazy to me how you THINK that you know who you are, until you become involved with someone else. It’s crazy to me how one can become so lost in another and completely forget about who they were to begin with. In the world of relationships, is it common to lose yourself in your partner…or should who YOU are, always remain?!

I’ve voiced time and time again how stupid I think dating really is. Something that was once so simple has become ever so difficult. Aside from the complications and issues that actually come along with dating, bigger and deeper issues always seem to arise. I’ve been friends with that girl who once she got a boyfriend, no one ever saw or heard from her again until he dumped her. I’ve been friends with that girl who couldn’t make a move or a decision without first consulting her partner. I’ve been friends with that guy who was forced by his mate to cut off all ties with me….my question is why?! Why is it that once you decide to seriously date someone, compromising seems like an everyday event?



Fiction Meets Reality x JusTeah

I know it seems as though in all of my posts, I find some way to incorporate the fact that I really do not like my generation….this week’s post is no different :)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found that I have had to actually take breaks from social networks. Social networks were once a place where people could communicate and share different aspects of life. Now, social networks are just one big ass competition amongst groups of individuals who don’t even know each other, and a forum where EVERYBODY has an opinion and EVERYBODY’s opinion is a fact. I just can’t stomach all of these people who tweet about lives they don’t live.