The Truth About Honesty – BY: @Courgasm

I don’t have a crack addiction, nor do I have an alcohol dependency. I don’t need to pop a pill to find happiness and you won’t see me on Dr. Drew’s couch unless he has a porn addiction show. I don’t look down upon those who do suffer from addictions of their own. Because hell, I’m addicted to something that could be much more damaging than any abusive substance, no, not the porn. The truth is my addiction. I need it. Its almost like water. I need it in all aspects of my life to truly be happy. So I don’t understand why at times I find myself to be the biggest liar when it comes to being honest with my reflection. Whether it comes down to convincing myself that an outfit looks alright or trying to influence my own state of mind why is it that I only expect honesty from other people but never from myself?

Y’all ain’t my shrinks so let me shift directions.

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Just the Three of Us – By: @Courgasm

It’s the tail end of 2011 and people who call themselves adults are still snickering into each other’s ears about business that isn’t their own. I get it. We live in a world where men brush their hearts with sensodyne and women are conducting themselves like they have no morals and when dealing with an apparent change in gender roles I have to expect bullsh*t. But it’s getting unbearable.


Let me set up a scenario between Harry, Sally, and Jimmy: I made up these names, then decided to use pictures to illustrate the story. These people just seemed like the best choices.


Meet Harry


Meet Sally

casually had sex two years ago, it wasn’t serious at all.

is best friends with

Meet…. Jimmy?


Jimmy sees Sally talking to a



Ok. I’m killing the illustration. You get it.

Jimmy goes and tells the #GuyHeKnows all of Sally’s business. Not only does Jimmy mention Harry, he mentions anybody else he has heard of in the past 10.7 years of Sally’s life. There are many things wrong with this, but the biggest part is Jimmy ain’t friends with this damn #GuyHeKnows. They speak ever so casually and are merely bonded by mutual friends. Sir, why is it that you decided to take the heavy responsibility of reading Sally’s vaginal inventory off when you yourself aren’t even on that list, nor are you on the queue?



Women. Sports. – By: @MsSaraiJones

It’s that time of year when girlfriends and wives suddenly become single, or get cheated on every weekend for a flat screen and some cold beer. We have to compete for attention and we lose each and every time. This side piece chick is football/basketball season. There’s a lonely girl somewhere in her bed while…


It Could Be So Simple – By: @ican_only_be_me


Dating once used to be so simple. I can remember a time where a guy sent you a neatly folded note that asked you whether you liked him or not. A yes, no, and sometimes a maybe were your only 3 options. What happened to that simplicity? When did “it’s complicated” become a relationship status? My viewpoint…either you’re together or you’re not. Now-a-days, there are so many phases of dating that are so easy to become lost in. You don’t want to give too much too soon, but you don’t want a person to think you’re not interested. You don’t want the title, but you want to do everything that comes along with it. When did dating become so damn difficult?

I remember the typical questions I used to ask a prospect being: how old are you?; what do you do?: where do you live? These days…a full-fledged background check has to be done on people. “Do you have kids? How many? How many baby moms do you have? Do you work? Do you have an active bank account? Do you have benefits…health care, etc? Who do you live with? How many baby moms do you have? (yup…I put that twice). What are your career goals? Do you believe in marriage? How do you feel about cheating? Do you want to have kids? How did your last relationship end? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I’m getting a headache just thinking about it. Why do we have to go through all of this just to make sure that someone is who they say they are?


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In The Beginning – @Courgasm

“3 months later you guys are arguing over someone sliding into your DM’s on stealth mode or because ya’ll are still “just f***ing.” -@Courgasm, Some tweet I tweeted some time ago.

What’s up? How was your holiday weekend? Cool story. Welp, besides watching everyone replace Jesus with Jordan’s I went to church, collected gas cards, and dealt with the very real and annoying concept of liking someone new.

Let’s just be real. We’ve all been there. Waking up to that good morning text and your heart skips a beat, having to massage your jaw line from smiling too hard (or whatever “fellations” that happened the night before), counting to three before you hang up, and trying to get that outfit perfectly in between “I put forth effort” and “I didn’t try too hard” for that first date. But who exactly are you sending on that first date? You or your well dressed, well spoken, intellectual and considerate representative?

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Hits Unfollow – @MsSaraiJones

I grab my iPhone, tap the TweetLogix icon and enter a whole new world. I’m then slightly entertained by people’s most random thoughts, pictures, music selections, etc. Twitter can be HILARIOUS sometimes, yet it can also be the platform for unnecessary bullSh*t. I find myself unfollowing twiggas every day for putting nonsense on my timeline. Here are the top 10 twitter mistakes that force me to hit the unfollow button:

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TALK THAT TALK – BY: @ican_only_be_me

Ever try to have a conversation with someone and feel like you’d be better off talking to a brick wall?!….no, just me?! Cool.

Communication. We all know what it is, but how many of us know how to do it?!….and effectively?!

Not only in past relationships, but in friendships as well, I’ve found myself lacking effective communication skills. I am an over-thinker. I think…A LOT, but ask me to communicate my thoughts into words and a blank stare is probably what you’ll end up with.



Trust Issues – By: @Courgasm

When it comes to heartbreak, trust, and relationships with people you love everybody’s been through something traumatic. Most of us have our guards up. Make no mistake trust issues aren’t strictly between Jody and Yvette. Sh*t that can rock you to your core and have you thinking it’s you against the world can happen within family, within friendships and within your romantic relationships. Yes, in 2012 most of us sitting on the dock of the bay looking out into an endless sea of our emotions.

Boo Hoo, Sad Story. You’re not alone.

So now you’re on tweet deck setting up a column with his timeline and checking his mentions every quarter of an hour while texting him and asking why this chick felt the need to mention his name three times in the last 7 hours. Salty part: he’s not even your boyfriend.

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Bros Before H*es??? – By: @MsSaraiJones

Ok. You may want to call me bitter because I’m speaking on a topic and you may not agree. Yea, twitter taught us last week that if you disagree with one’s opinion, you are bitter. Interesting. Anyhow,have you noticed that a lot of guys do things for…guys?  For example, a guy can be completely fulfilled by a woman. She can cook, clean, talk sports, have awesome sex,  and have a completely wonderful personality, however, if she is not accepted by the “crew”, he is less likely to date her.




Strangers Again – @ican_only_be_me

Quite some time ago, @Courgasm shared this video with me and I swear, it was nothing more than the truth. I felt it necessary to share, as it could honestly be the key difference in making a relationship work…or just calling it quits. I encourage everyone to watch, take notes and enjoy :-)


Stage 1: Strangers
How most of us begin.

Stage 2: The Chase
The “getting to know you” phase. You have found something in this person that you deem worthy of investing some time and energy into. This is always the fun part. We all like a chase and this is what sparks it all and keeps things interesting.

Stage 3:The Honeymoon
The “you hang up. No, you hang up” phase. The phase where you’re both floating on cloud 9. Their phone calls and texts never go unanswered, and you spend every ounce of time together that you possibly can. Sucks that this phase typically comes to an end after a few months or so.