Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream Review – By: @LeronCrowd

Now I don’t know about you Hermits and your thoughts, but The Artist formerly known As :insert slur: aka Miguel has BEEN ON ABSOLUTE FIRE this year. He really been kicking R&B ass and taking names. You’ll be hard pressed to find a artist like him right now. From his smooth vocals and dope writing, there’s no way he can’t get you into any shorty’s lusty thoughts at last call. Let’s get into this…

1. Adorn- R&B song of the year. Keep these dirty ass rappers off the remixes. They polluting the ambiance of the song with bars. This track good for a two step, peach Ciroc, and a few sweet nothings in her ear, as you trade off coordinates to get to the honeycomb hideout. Nothing but Flourish in these melodies.



What Ive Learned From Steve Jobs – @SincerelyRW

Its Steve Jobs appreciation week and I couldn’t be happier. We didn’t plan this at all, as I looked at our lives in popular culture and watched informational media as I always do I stumbled upon some gems. For all the praise we give Steve Jobs, I don’t think we give him enough credit and…